Anniversary doodle Moby Dick by Google on October 18th

The name Herman Melville is famous among the novelist of 18thcentury. Herman’s novels were considered as the treasure of the world literature. Anniversary doodle Moby Dick on 161st year of publishing appeared in Google homepage on october 18th, 2012.

Anniversry doodle Moby Dick
161st Anniversary Moby Dick (October 18, 2012)


Anniversary doodle Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Herman Melville
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Most famous among the Melville’s novel was ‘The Whale ‘also known by the name ‘Moby Dick’. In this novel he said the story of a sailor Ishmael and his voyage on a Whale ship. The book was released on 18th October 1851. It was on the 161stanniversary of this book Google published

Anniversary doodle Moby Dick which makes us remember the theme of the story in the book. We can see a huge sale ship in the Google doodle which is sailing in a wild sea. The logo characters are written on the flag in the ship. The letter L is written in the logo using a style which resembles the water coming out of the blowhole of the whale while whale breaths. The way captain Ahab and the crew were drawn in the doodle is beautiful.

Anniversary doodle Moby Dick by Herman
Moby-Dick (Title Page)
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Moby Dick is the most famous novel written by Herman Melville. He wrote this novel including symbolism and metaphor to express the themes and thoughts. The style in the language used added the beauty of novel.

The main character of the novel is the Moby Dick, a blue whale .The theme of the story deals with the searching of the whale by Ahab. The book was first published in London by Richard Bentley.  Later several editions of this were published and even it was pictured in to film. Currently the audio recording of the novel ’ The whale’ was released.

The author of this famous novel Herman was the one who showed his talent as an essayist, short story writer and poet. He won many awards including the national book award .He was known for the inclusion of symbolisms and metaphor in his writings which makes the complex themes simple and understood by the common man.

This adventures novel is a valuable treasure of world literature and the Anniversary doodle Moby Dick on Google homepage gave the respect for this imaginative work.