Annette Von Droste Google Doodle to wish 217th Birthday

Google dedicated a doodle to honor Annette Von Droste, writer and composer from Germany. It’s 217th Birthday of Droste wished by Google with doodle.

Annette Von Droste Google Doodle to wish 217th Birthday
Annette Von Droste Google Doodle to wish 217th Birthday(January 10, 2014)

Annette Von Droste Google Doodle included image of this 19th century writer. Google logo is entirely transformed for making it Droste special. In Droste doodle, logo alphabets are wrote with black color, including blue sketched line with Annette Von image replacing alphabet ‘g’. Droste’s image included in the doodle resembles the one that we can see in German banknote, which was published to honor her. The letter ‘l’ in the logo is replaced with beech, making us remember her novella ‘The Jews Beech’.

Google doodle given an epic look with scattered ink drops over the logo on both sides. Annette Droste was born in Germany in the year 1797. She is listed one among the most prominent German writers. Though there are many poems in her name, it’s the novella ‘Die Judenbuche’ which made her get attention of world.

Most of her works got birth during the period 1804 to 1814. Her immense interest in learning music made her learn piano and singing and started to conduct and compose music. Most of Droste’s got attention after 1820’s. Annette is one among few women who gave new life to German literature.

Dorste died in the year 1448, due to tuberculosis. Annette Von Droste was given many honors and awards for her contribution to literature during her lifetime and also after her death. Many places were renamed to Droste’s name in her tribute. Today, many annual awards are given for upcoming talented writers in her name.

Today’s Google doodle is a tribute to this great artist. With the Google doodle, Annette Von Droste once again came to the mind of all those who took the glimpse of Google home on the day in Germany.