Architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri Birthday Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Italy celebrates 94th Birthday of Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Castelli is a famous Italian Architect and industrial designer.


Anna Castelli Ferrieri Birthday Google Doodle
Anna Castelli Ferrieri Birthday Google Doodle(August 6, 2014)

Google Doodle for Anna Castelli Ferrieri portraits her with some of her designs. Usage of plastic is the highlight of Castelli’s works. In Google Doodle you can see Componibili and furniture products designed by her.

Clicking on doodle, you will be directed to search home of ‘ Anna Castelli Ferrieri’. All links and images related to this famous industrial designer will be listed.

Castelli Ferrieri was born on 6 August 1918. Castelli did her education in Milan Polytechnic , infact she was the first woman to get graduated from the institution. Many of modern design that can be seen today is inspired by the first step taken by Catellie to make changes in design approaches. It’s in 1943, Castelli took degree, from the she was live in designing field in Italy.

Foundation of Kartell was a turning point in life of Castelli and her husband. Kartell is the funiture company they started in 1949, it grew as a leading furniture company in no time. Company experiment new revolutionary products and designs through out. Out of the products, it’s the  Componibili design which got wide acceptance. Today also,though  it have been 40 years passed after design  Componibili is the largest sold products designed in company.

Bourgie, Mr Impossible, Louis Ghost, Stone, Tip Top, Joe Colombo Armchair, bloom, Taj, Miss Less, Masters Tools are some other best designs from the company. You can see, some of this products in Google Doodle too.

Kartell, Company founded by Castelli won many international industrial awards for the excellence in creating mind blowing technologies.

Castelli was died on 22 Jue 2006 at the age of 87. Google Doodle for her honor will be on Google Italy homepage on 6 August 2014 for 24 hours.