Google Denmark marks artist Anna Ancher’s Birthday depicting Harvesters

Google logo in Denmark today mark birthday of Anna Ancher, a artist from Denmark, one among Skagen Painters. Google Doodle for Ancher depicts one of her Famous painting Harvesters in it.

Anna Ancher Google Doodle(August 18, 2014)
Anna Ancher Google Doodle(August 18, 2014)

Harvesters, the base theme of doodle for Anna Ancher was drawn in 1905. Anna was the only woman painter of Skagen Group of artists from Denmark, she depicted sketches from life of Skagen Women. In the doodle on 18 August 2014, 155th birthday of Ancher, along with her famous works Harvesters, Google logo is included as a part of it in a new style. Clicking on Doodle for artist, you will be taken to search page ‘Anna Ancher’.

Anna Ancher Life and Career

Anna Ancher was born in Skagen, Denmark in the year 1859 August 18. Early childhood itself she was interested in drawing. Later she got training in drawing for three years from VilhelmKyhn College of Painting at Copenhagen.  Infact Anna was the woman member and also the only Skagen Group member born and bought up at the place.

Most of Ancher’s works include simple themes relating the every day life of Skagen people. She included beautiful color mixtures to convert images in her mind to canvas. Ancher was one of the best known artist from Denmark. Skagen Museum includes much of her works, including the one themed in todays Google Doodle.

Awards and Honors

For Anna Ancher’s contribution in artistic field she was given many honors and awards. Ingenio et Arti medal medal was given to Anna in recognition to her work in 1913. Tagea Brandt Rejselegat, a travel scholarship was given in 1924 to her.

Some of Anna’s works includes Evening prayer, Young girl before a lit Lamp, Grief, Blue Ane, Girl in the Kitchen, Sun Shine in the Blue Room, Sweing Fisherman’s Wife. Ancher died on 15 April 1935. Anna and her husband Michael was features in Danish Thousand Kroner Bill in 2004 after her death. Google Doodle on 155th Birthday is an honor for this Danish Artist.