Animated World Cup 2014 Doodle shows Football Drills of Little ‘g’

On 19th June 2014 Google released a special animated Doodle that shows drills of little ‘g’. This Doodle reflects biggest event in sports.

animated world cup 2014 doodle football drills
Animated World Cup 2014 Doodle Football Drills (19th June, 2014)

Within this animated Google Doodle of WC 2014 you can see the second ‘g letter shows football drills. The second ‘O’ and ‘L’ letters of official logo also moves as little ‘g’ approaches them, can also see shade of Brazil flag on the football with which ‘g’ playing.

This Doodle is just like the animated Doodle released on kick off day of WC 2014. There are three matches on 19th June 2014 in WC 2014, Columbia vs Cote  D’ivoire, Urugay vs England and Japan vs Greece.

Sophie Diao
Sophie Diao, Animator of this World Cup 2014 Google Doodle

It is the second time for Brazil elected for hooting FIFA world cup football. There are 31 nations qualified for world cup 2014, 64 matches are in total, being played in 12 different stadium across Brazil. The final match scheduled for 13th July 2014 at Estadio do Maracana stadium in Rio De Janeiro.