Most Popular Google Doodle Games decorated your Google homepage

Animated, playable and interactive Google Doodles have decorated Google homepage on many occasions. Here are some of best Google Doodle games published by search giant since 1998.

Google Doodle Games
PacMan Google Doodle Games 21 May 2010

PAC-MAN Google Doodle on May 21, 2010

Pacman Google Doodle is one my all time favorite doodle. Hope yours too. In fact,that was the first time i saw my Google homepage interactive. Pacman Doodle on 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN game is the first ever interactive Google Doodle.

Pacman, the arcade game was first launched in Japan on 21 May 1980. Here in Google Doodle for Pacman game, the blue maze is replaced in design of Google logo alphabets. Playing the game and tricks in doodle is very much similar to original Pacman game. Eating pacdots and fruits moving on finding the path with life makes up doodle.

This masterpiece game of 1980’s is now also played and is very much popular among children. If you think of playing the doodle game again, Pacman doodle is available with its interactive version in Google Doodle page. This fun interactive doodle is played by millions of Google users on the day.

After release of game in 1980, Pacman became a iconic symbol. Many feature films and games were developed in next years after its release. Pacman became the best coin operated game and also won Guinness Records in 2010. It’s expected to see Pacman in Pixel movie which may release on 2015 July.

London Olympics July- August, 2012

London Olympics 2012 was a season of interactive animated doodles. Starting from Opening Ceremony on 27 July, Google doodles on every event of Olympics.

London Olympics 2012 August 2012
London Olympics 2012 August 2012

Doodles became more creative with Hurdles 2012. Global users of Google search were given option to play an interactive version of hurdles game on August 7. Then came animated interactive doodle for Soccer 2012, Basket Ball and Slalom Canoe. It was a Olympics season celebrated with Google. Making every day special in the season, Google doodled for Olympics till closing ceremony on 7 August.

Roswell’s 66th Anniversary on July 8, 2013

Finding out parts of a crashed UFO and helping an Alien, it was the task for the Google users on the day. Its to mark the 66th anniversary of Roswell’s UFO incident Google published doodle.


Roswell's 66th Anniversary on 8 July 2013
Roswell’s 66th Anniversary on 8 July 2013

It was in 1947, at the place in Roswell, Mexico a spacecraft crashed with an extraterritorial life reported.  For 66th anniversary of incident Google released this doodle.This global doodle was visible for 24 hours in the search homepage. There were special programs including talks on Alien life, fancy dress competitions and seminars were also organized for anniversary celebration of UFO incident.

Here in doodle with animation, users can move the alien accordingly to find the three parts of crashed UFO. There is Roswell UFO Museum in United States. All details on Roswell UFO incident and controversies and discussions related to incident is available there.

Qixi Festival Google Doodle on August 13, 2013

The day of Romance and love is marked with a three level game on Google homepage of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia. Yes, people over these countries celebrate 7th day of 7th month in Lunar Calender as Qixi Festival.

Qixi Festival Google Doodles 13 August 2013
Qixi Festival Google Doodles 13 August 2013

Associating legends with two lovers, a handsome shepherd boy and beautiful weaver girl who meet ones in a year with help of magpies making bridge over heavenly river milky way, Google developed this interactive fun doodle game.

Users can help in making bridge for lovers placing birds i n exact position. If time limit was exceeded, lovers will fell down to river. Google Doodle was present only in homepages of countries were the Chilseok or Qixi Festival is celebrated. For other Google Doodle lovers, its also available in Google Doodle page.

Starting from simple level and moving on to complex levels, bird bridge making game doodle is of very much fun.

Doctor Who’s Google Doodle November 23, 2013

For famous show Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary , Google Doodled a Whodle. This game doodle was designed on request of 4000 Doctor Who Fan’s by petition to Google to doodle for their favorite shows anniversary.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 23 November 2013
Doctor Who Google Doodle 23 November 2013

I think Doctor Who is the most complex doodle created by Google Doodlers since now. You can go through the entire show line in Google’s style with the doodle. Google came online for most countries Google homepage on the day. Time to rescue each Google alphabet is shown on left side top portion of Google logo.

Doctor Who Google Doodle
Doctor Who Google Doodle

Matt Cruickshank designed doodle, BBC also took interest in Doodle design. Experience and idea behind creation of doodle is pointed out in official doodle page by Matt Cruickshank.

BBC produced Doctor Who program since 1963. Show got many awards and got fame across world. Today also,all over world there are million of Doctor Who fans.

Google’s 15th Birthday on September 27, 2013

Google’s 15th Birthday was celebrated with shower of Candy’s. Yes, Pinata Game was the theme of Google Doodle for 15th Birthday. Users on the day was given a a stick and star sack of Candy’s decorated in Google logo colors. Music, interactive animation made logo best.

Google's 15th Birthday on 27 September 2013
Google’s 15th Birthday on 27 September 2013

Google, the Search giant was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. This two Stanford University students took the initial step of Google’s journey with a project known BackRub. Google started celebrating its Birthday on September 27th since 2005 though it was stared on 1998. Earlier it was on some other dates in month of September they celebrated their Birthday.

Every year Google Doodler’s use to mark the Birthday with creative doodles. The top doodle was landed on Google homepage for 15th Birthday celebration. I spent my working time collecting candy’s, hope you to have collected candy’s on the day.

Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle on May 19, 2014

If you are a game lover, most probably this game would be among first few games you tried in early age itself. Rubik cube or else known magic cube was the theme for Google Doodle landed globally on 19 May 2014.

Rubik's Cube Google Doodle 19 May 2014
Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle 19 May 2014

Erno Rubik, inventor of this cube game made it available to public on 19 May 1974. Magic Cube is the most sold out toy and also the most sold puzzle game. As per the reports about 350 million cubes have been sold till now. Twisting, rotating and moving cubes to different angles you can match the colors in Google Doodle game. Instruction to play game is also provided, if required. Showing the number of moves, Google enhance your enthusiasm and eager to finish game in less number of moves.

Now cube is available in different forms with variations in number of layers. At the same time, Rubik cube is  a game and also a way to improve memory power and concentration. Now, you can see competitions organized by associations in solving Rubik Game., like speed cube games around the world. With Rubik Doodle, Google made us think, play and have fun with the game.

Its the 40th Anniversary of Rubik Cube marked with Google Doodle.