Animated GIF on Google+ profiles becomes official

Profile picture is the most focusing thing within your social accounts. Today animated GIF on Google+ profiles becomes official.

Animated GIF on Google+ profilesGoogle have keen focus on making their services as perfect as possible. Social networking is the biggest competitive field today existing in the internet. As Google+ is one of among the leading social networking sites they continuously updates with new features. Today they unveil advanced changes in profile pictures with animated gif for Google+ profile images.

So from today onwards our Google+ profiles become more attractive with animated images. It is only possible within profile page only. It is available in both desktop and mobile versions of Google+. It is a good thing that we can experience the live action based profile picture in Google+.

Google had introduced new tool to filter out animated images in the service earlier of this month. Now they expended the service it to Google+ social networking service. “Our gif to you. You can now use animated gifs for your profile photo. Never made one before”. The official Google Plus account announced today.

Unique features of Google Plus:-

  • High quality photos.
  • Free of advertisements.
  • Video chatting for groups up to 10 persons.
  • Help to connect with other Google services.
  • Simple and clean layout.
  • Better privacy.
  • Circles.
  • Advanced posting tools.