99th Birthday of Anibal Troilo Google doodle portraits Troilo with Bandoneon

Google celebrated 99th Birthday of Anibal Troilo with a beautiful doodle landed on the homepage of Argentina.Google Doodle included the picture of Anibal Troilo and the logo of Google is wrote in the form of musical notes.

Anibal Troilo Google doodle
99th Birthday of Anibal Troilo Google doodle (July 11, 2013)

Anibal Troilo was born on July 11th in the year 1914. He was well known as a music composer, player and band leader over Argentina. As we can see in the doodle he was famous for his bandoneon playing on those time. In Anibal Troilo Google doodle, we can see a caricature of Troilo with bandoneon in his hand.

The life time of Anibal Troilo was the golden age of Tongo Music. The period 1935 to 1955 is regarded as the best time of Tongo music. During the time there where many orchestra groups practicing Tongo. Anibal Troilo worked with the most famous orchestras during this time.

Anibal Troilo
Anibal Troilo
[Image Credit :todotango]
There are many Tongo composition done by Troilo which includes Maria, Toda mi vida, Gaura, A Homero, La Ultima Kurda and so on. He had a unique style in his works, he tried to give expression to feelings through his music.

On the 99th birth anniversary of Troilo as a tribute to him a program was arranged in Argentina, at Theatro Cerventes. Many people took attended the program of this famous bandoneon player that world ever seen.

On this occasion The National Music Orchestra of Argentina performed Troilos original work and made audience go through the feel of music that came out of his compositions. Anibal Troilo have more than 60 works in his name.

Starting from the age of 11 Troilo gave many beautiful composition to the world throughout the life. He was died at the age of 60 on May 18th, 1975. This Anibal Troilo Google doodle that we can see on the homepage of Argentina is a real tribute to him on his 99th Birthday.