Angry birds for mars mission updation will arrives very soon

Rovio’s angry birds is one of the most downloaded games in app stores. Rovio also keep their focus on providing new version of games in right time. Now the company all set to providing Angry birds for mars mission version.

Rovio offcially announced in lats March that they collaborate with NASA to make a new turning point within angry birds planet. Rovio also released a trailer of upcoming Angry birds for mars mission updation. As everyone knows Angry birds is a game in which a cartoon based attack between a folk of birds and green pigs. Within the new Mars mission updation the green pigs take over the curiosity range rover and Angry birds comes there for rescue.

The theme itself becomes the most attractive element of upcoming Angry birds for mars mission updation. Rovio games will update the level with all mars planet actions sub planet movements comets gravitational force…etc. The back ground of new updation for angry birds provides perfect space environment. Each level contains different level of difficulty and challenges.

The addictive games get real experience of exploring the red planet through Angry birds for mars mission update. Rovio makes the new updation with how the thins behave in the space in accordance with the gravitational force, environment…Etc. The new updation will available for android and iOS users.