Android- The Ultimate Mobile OS

Introduction of Android, the mobile OS from Google marked the beginning of a revolution in the mobile world. It was in 2005 Google introduced its open source mobile OS. Since then the entire market of mobile phones are ruled by it. Admit it Android -The Ultimate Mobile OS

Dominance of Android in the mobile world was not a mere luck it’s the perfect planning and determination which resulted in the Android era. The main reason of the success of Android is its open source nature. It also provides platforms for the users to develop applications. Android applications are equally profitable for its developers as well as users, this is how android makes money for Google.

Android- The Ultimate Mobile OS

Till now about 10 series of Android OS were bought in to market. Google always included something innovative and new in every versions of Android from 1.5 Cup Cake to 4.2 Jelly bean. People accepted the entire Android series with open hands as most of the leading companies like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC and LG adopted Android as its platform for mobile OS. Today Android phones are widely used by 75% of mobile users. That is more than 400 million Android activated devices in the world.

Though there are many mobile operating systems it’s the period of Android dominance. In each and every part of the world we can see a great popularity for the Android activated devices. As I said earlier the major reason for the Android dominance in the market is its profitability and open source nature.

Easy application development by the users makes it’s the main profit earning option for users at the same time the developers of the platform Google is having a good profit though they are providing it as an open source OS. Android is the platform which make Google makes profit easily in the area of advertisement. The main part of the Google income is through advertisements.

Several versions of Android operating systems were released in the market till now. Among all those it was Android Jelly bean which gave a remarkable position for the platform in the market. Samsung smartphones have also got a great influence in making Android the best mobile operating system.

The main reason for the declining popularity of Apple iOS devices are the Android devices which are largely accepted by people all over the world. Samsung Galaxy SIV is the next most awaited phone in the Android platform. The Galaxy SIV smartphone will be activated in Android 4.2 Jelly bean platform.

Android era will hopefully take a new twist after the introduction of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the Google IO which will take place on 15th of May this year. The new version of Android is expected to have many new advanced features which makes users attract to it. Google Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected to have in built video calling options to make to get connected in an easy way. It is also expected to have a better profile management, automated control over power and data organization in an efficient manner, SMS synchronization and multi device support.