Android powered helmet with easy navigation coming soon

Google’s android operating system is dominating mobile market with maximum shares. Other than mobiles it powers tablets, digital camera, ovens and much more. The first ever wearable computing system from Google the project glass also uses android. Android powered helmet with easy navigation coming soon.

Android powered helmetFor any driver to make his travel as effective as possible the awareness about the place details is a must. The paper maps and touch navigations system may not be good tool as it distract the attention of user. This also became a challenging factor in the case of motor cycles. According to the report of indiegogo the researches on their way to develop LiveMap high-tech motorbike helmet that shows the navigations through augment reality.

Android powered helmet

The developers looking up for to build a mounted display in the helmet that provides the drivers right navigation. As the helmet uses augment reality the drivers will gets an easy and user friendly navigations. That users will get the direction through the display mounted no helmet glass.

The LiveMap helmet will consist of electronic main board, battery, micro display, light sensor, earphone and microphone. The preloaded map within the device show through the display attached just above the glass of helmet through the micro display. The display within the LiveMap helmet will have the ability to provide unobstructed view of maps to the users.Navigation system in LiveMap helmet

As the helmet is inbuilt with the microphone the accessing of requested map won’t distract you from controlling the vehicle. The system will powers through your voice command. The desired maps will shows only at the drivers are on limited speed. This is to avoid the chance of accident by the losing of attention.

You can also update the map within the system. The LiveMap helmet support 4G LTE network. The high-tech helmet can show off maps while you are on offline. The engines within this system won’t require an internet connection to provide the required data. The helmet only weighs 1.4kg.  The developers will make available this product in small, medium, large and extra-large variants. The LiveMap helmet will available in the market from next year onwards.