Android placed first position in US mobile market

The key factor behind the success of many mobile manufactures is nothing but the presence of Google android. That is why it gained primary position in most of all leading markets. Now Android placed first position in US mobile market with 51% share in April.

Android placed first position in USYear by year the market of android phones increases with a constant inclination in graph. The US mobile market turns a most competitive zone for all mobile OS. Even though android holds the first position the iOS and Windows Phone also gets strong demand from the customers. According to the e reports from Kandar Wordpanel android took 52% of total market in US, iOS and windows phone following with respective share of 41.4% and 5.6%.

Android placed first position in US

The Kandar Wordpanel provided this report by conducting 240000 interviews in the country. It highlights the mobile behavior in US in the past three months. Google android gained 1.4 percentage increases in market than past year. For iOS and Windows Phone it counts 2.3% and 1.8% respectively. So there will be a tight competition arise between android and iOS in US market.

Blackberry, Symbian and other mobile operating systems totally falls in the market shares. Both OS have only less than 1% share in US mobile market. Upon the US network shares Verizon holds the top position. AT&T and Sprint follows the Verizon in second and third position respectively.

The successive driving force behind Windows Phone is nothing but the millions sales of Lumia devices in short time. It also shows a breakthrough for the Finnish mobile manufacture Nokia.smartphone sales in US at end of April 2013

As we know Samsung is the most successful android manufactures in the world. The successful sales of Galaxy SIV may even increase the market share of android. Samsung also announced the introduction of Galaxy SIV Mini. It is officially shows of on the premiere Samsung show. The Apple brand addicts eagerly waiting for iPhone 5S which is thinks to be announced very soon.