Android operating system in 3 out of 4 smartphones says reports

The growth of Android OS increases year by year. New reports says Android operating system in 3 out of 4 smartphones. Also 1.2 million android dices gets activated in every day across the world.

Android operating system in 3 out of 4 smartphonesThe globally popular Android is designed by Google Inc. They offer the Android to smartphone manufactures for free. Samsung HTC and Motorola are the popular manufactures who designed Android smartphones. Google make money through online advertisement through the service access by the customers.

The open source nature and endless personalization is the first quality of Android platform. The integration to Google play allows the users to access 675000 effective applications. Also all your favorite Google services are inbuilt in every version of android. More over it is one of the fast performed and most secured Mobile operating system.

android gingerbreadThe fast pace shipping of Android phones raise the graph of the OS from 56% to 75% in short time. Upon this Android 2.3 Gingerbread version holds 65% of total of market. But most of all latest products are runs on Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich and 4.1 Jelly bean.

The tech giant Apple’s iOS gains 14.9% shares which shows a little improvement as it was 13.2% in previous year. Apple holds this position through popular I phone and I pad series which are runs on iOS operating system. All other Mobile OS gets shortened in their market share. Now Blackberry OS have only 7.7% share in the market. Symbian’s market gets down to 4.1 from 14.2.