Google android crosses 900 million activations till date

Google open source platform Android crossed over 900 million activation’s till 2013. Starting from 2005 Google Android platform had a wide acceptance. In the year 2009 Android had over 100 million activation’s and when it reached 2011 it reached 400 million and now in the year 2013 android crosses 900 million activations.

android crosses 900 million activationsIt’s in the annual developers meet ‘Google IO’ they announced that the Android success reached such an extent that in just 2 months the android users have installed over 2.5 million applications.

Android crosses 900 million activations

Over 48 billion android apps are installed by the users till now. In last September, the reports said that installation of Android app rated up to 25 billion and from there with in a period of 8 months we can see this growth to 48 billion app installation. As per the current reports Android app installations will overtake the Apple’s 50 billion app installation record with in a small period.

Revealing all these information’s Sudhar Pichai also added that People are adopting the android platform in an amazing pace. Android is the best mobile OS available today. Almost all leading mobile brands have taken android as their platform. In the image that is given below we can see a clear view of Android dominance in the world.

android dominance world wideNow in the market we can see that out of 6 mobile phones that have been sold 4 are android activated devices. It’s in the last few years Android platform got this much popularity. Google is also getting high profit with this open source mobile OS.

The best and the most attractive feature that we can see in Android is its flexibility to support the application development. The new version of Android that is5.0 key lime pie is expected to be launched in this event.

Android is getting popular day by day. This record 900 million record activation is a clear cut example of the popularity of Android activated devices and Android platform.