Android 4.3 Galaxy SIII spotted before official release of OS

Google scheduled the android event on 24th July for the introduction of android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. Now Android 4.3 Galaxy SIII spotted before official release.

android 4.3  galaxy SIII Samsung already announced that they dumped android 4.2.2 update and wait for new version. But before the official release android 4.3 Galaxy SIII image leaked. Upon the leaked image it shows  spotted kernel version 3.0.31-171637 of android 4.3.

Android 4.3 is new version of Jelly Bean operating system with many improvements. It will unveil in the upcoming android event which is scheduled for 24th July. The android 4.3 Galaxy SIII will surely provide a great smartphone experience for the users. Galaxy SIII is one of the most successful phones from Samsung.

It is also reported that Samsung also brings android 4.3 updation for Galaxy SIV and Galaxy Note II as soon as possible. There is also a chance to get android 4.3 updation upon the release itself for Google edition galaxy SIV. It is because that variant of Galaxy SIV runs on stock version of android. The devices which are running on pure version of android will get new updation very soon.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ensures for the better performance and security. It is also became the key feature of Jelly Bean version of android. The dialer auto complete on android 4.3 helps to make calling to any contacts much faster than before. Whenever you are dialing for a new number it will dropdown to suggested 4.3 powered galaxy SIII

Google will introduce new set of emojis for android users within their new updation. The emoticons really make the chatting more impressive than normal one. So the users always wish for new set of emoticons. With android 4.3 updation users will get more set of emojis.

The Bluetooth low energy is the key feature within the upcoming android version. It helps to maintain the device within the low power consuming stage. So you can expect a better battery standby from android 4.3 powered devices. Also the innovative camera application turns mobile photography to new level.