Android 4.3 confirmed before the start of Google I/O 2013

There are various rumors had been rendered out in these few months about the next version of android. We heard it is android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and it will unveil in Google I/O 2013. When Nexus devices get the updation of android 4.3 it makes some confusion regarding the release. Today Android 4.3 confirmed before the start of Google I/O 2013.

Google android 4.3Recently we came across with the leaked specifications of next generation Nexus device and the main factor in it is nothing but android 4.3. Today it is officially confirmed by Google developers site. This new is confirmed just before the starting of Google I/O 2013 event.

So android 4.3 becomes the keen highlight of Google I/O 2013 key note. The next generation Nexus devices are going to get the first updation of android 4.3. We can hope that next Nexus series will unveils in Google’s annual developers conference 2013.

The features of android 4.3 still a mystery. Most probably it is going to be the improved version of previous Jelly Bean version. Even though some of specifications are confimed by Google that are

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – It helps to improve the battery life of mobile devices that are running on android 4.3. As the long battery standby became the one of the most focusing feature of mobile devices by the users it surely will becomes a keen factor of this updation.
  • OpenGL – The OpenGL support within android 4.3 updation helps the users to gets experience advanced visual effects in games. It also helps to brings graphics intensive applications to your android 4.3 confirmation

As it is an improved version of android 4.2 we can make sure that it brings smoother and secured performance through the device running on it. The support of advanced Google services also becomes the backbone of android 4.3. The detailed specifications will gets from official key note presentation from Google I/O 2013.