Android 4.2 new flavor of jelly bean

On previous Monday Google Inc unveils a number of Nexus devices along with new version of Android. The newly released version is Android 4.2 new flavor of jelly bean. It is coming out with many improvements and more applications.

Android 4.2 new flavor of jelly beanThe compatibility and easiness of customization made Android this much popular and which is active through 500 million devices today. The smoothness and faster performance is still the base of Android 4.2. One of the top features of jelly bean flavor is it allows separate space for all users in the device through multiple accounts. Each user can customize the OS through their account. So that each one can use their Android device with their own wish.

Your mails and messages are gets completed faster with new gesture typing in Android 4.2. The feature allows automatic sentence completion by providing suitable word after each word while you composing your message. Also new photo editing tool called photo sphere allows you to makes your snaps incredible. The photo sphere helps you to bring together the 360 degree panoramic images. So the new tool helps you to makes your photography more professional.

When the Android 4.2 jelly bean powered devices goes idle mode the Daydream application that is inbuilt in the OS time wise shows the photos in your gallery. It is also show off the other stuffs including latest Google updations. The latest Android version also brings up most featured Google now application. It let you informed about every possible services around you. The transportation facilities and schedules weather reports gadgets news movie list…Etc.

All your favorite stuffs can easily share with your friends through Android beam. You don’t have to worry about the size of data just tap the devices and share the contents within no time. The latest Android updation features wireless connection to HDMI supported wide monitors so that you can watch everything on large screen. The actionable notifications and resizable widgets also makes the Android 4.2 jelly bean more specific.