Google to roll out Android 4.2.2 on Nexus Devices

As you know Nexus devices are running on pure version of android and will get latest updation for first. Today the search giant roll out android 4.2.2 on Nexus devices.

Android 4.2.2 on Nexus Devices

The android 4.2.2 updation for Nexus devices will arrives automatically within the devices. Android 4.2.2 will solves all the bugs that found within the previous version.

In the upgraded devices users are now free to enjoy many small changes. On a down load of play store they are capable of seeing the remaining time to complete the down load. Long press toggling in included in the conversion of Wi Fi and Bluetooth menu tile. In battery charging also some changes were included by the developers. In the upgraded platform when a wireless charging starts with lower battery a sound will be produced from the hardware to make the user aware of this.

Google Android developers have also included the Nexus 7 users a better security offer through this up gradation. Data USB debugging by unauthorized persons are blocked with the safety measures in the 4.2.2 update version of Android. Android up dated version removed the facility to show all call from the application call list.

The latest updated version completely utilized all the possibilities that can make competitors stay away for a time period. The new version can be manually downloaded and also facilities downloading from the option available in the Nexus devices which can include the up gradation in it.

Developers have not given much great publicity for the new update as there is something big to come up in Google IO, The newer version of android expected to be released in that occation.