Google Doodle celebrates André Franquin’s 57th Anniversary of Gaston Lagaffe

Google Doodle on 28 February featured André Franquin’s 57th Anniversary of Gaston Lagaffe. Doodle was presented in the homepage of Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Lituania, Austria, Belgium and Denmark.

André Franquin's 57th Anniversary of Gaston Lagaffe
André Franquin’s 57th Anniversary of Gaston Lagaffe ( February 28, 2014)

In Google doodle for Anniversary of Gaston ,started in 1957, you can see  image of Gaston Lagaffe sitting in long bicycle. Franco Belgium Magazine ‘Spirou’ started comic strip Gaston by André Franquin in 1957, February 28th. Image in the Google Doodle is a image from the comic strip. Inclusion of cat, chair, seagull, pedal, magnifying glass, papers present in the doodle reflects the pop culture.

Gaston Lagaffe, the main character of the story was primarily introduced by magazine just to fill the empty pages. Then when continued, Gaston’s pets, friend, co workers became a part of life  in Europe.

Covered in humor, Gaston series got wide acceptance. Gaston series were translated to many languages. Later, in following years the series was made in to film and even Gaston book was released.

In 1996 and 2007, on 40th and 50th Anniversary of Gaston ,special programs were organized to celebrate. Gaston is the most accepted work from its creator  André Franquin. He have got many honors and awards for this work. Google Celebrated the 57th anniversary to commemorate the comic strip with this colorful doodle.