An overview on Google+ communities

Communities have their own importance in Social networking sites as it allows making out the group people of common interests. Today Google+ rolling out communities. Here is an overview on Google+ communities.Google+ communities

Online communities help to bring together the people around the world who have common interest,  helps to meet with new people who have same passion like us. Even though you have some knowledge about the filed the interaction between more people from the same helps to polish the knowledge in the right way. The communities provide latest updation of the desired area at the right time.

Google+ rolling out the communities because of it is such a most active site. So the Google+ communities helps the millions to gathered together at a place where there are people with only same passion. It supports both public and private membership to supports groups from different categories.

The discussion field in Google+ allows gathering the opinion of each member on a particular topic and get reached into a right decision. The hangout feature is a most blessed service for Google+ members. They can make  video conferencing up to ten persons. As it allows a face to face communications the community members can exchange the informations far better than normal methods.

Google+ hangout is one of the most advanced video calling services till exits. Sharing of contents is the most common methods that are used by the people to show up their data to outer world. The plus one button in Google+ allows sharing our communities throughout the web. You can join on your favorite communities by tap on new community icon on Google+. You can also create communities of your own.

The integration of Google+ service to widely used Gmail also increases the number of users. The hangout users in Gmail are very large in number. Also there are 135 million active stream users in Google+. This feature helps to see updations from different circles. It helps to access right informations from various filed with one click. Other features of Google+ are followings:

  • Data liberation – it helps to download one’s datas from Google+.
  •  Google+ search – provides easier way to filtered out the people and their posts.
  • Games – provides wide range of advanced games.
  • Ripples – The visualization tools helps to show up how resharing will be done within public post.
  • Google+ creative kit – The online photo editor that is integrated with the social networking site.
  • Google+ events – the feature helps to create event schedules within online. It allows inviting peoples to the events share contents…Etc.