An overview on Android compatibility issues

The world’s most popular mobile platform android is build as purely an open source so anyone can use it. So another manufactures can taken out android can make it more customizable by their own way. But these changes must be under open handset alliance. Here an overview on android compatibility issues. An overview on Android compatibility issues

Why the android developers make it an open source because of when the OS is riches with wide range of applications it is becomes more and more attractive. Every individual have their own ideas and each one will be different from others. So there are possibilities of multi range of applications. When these applications are coming under one roof that platform becomes more effective and choice of all customers. That’s why android is becomes the dominant platform and android devices get largest market.

The mobile manufactures who is taken out android must obey the rules of open handset alliance consortium. That is the android compatibility.If they made large changes or forked version the OS get incompatible with other android devices. Suppose when different manufactures uses different functionalities for same application then the integrated phones are acted totally differently. This will change the attitude of customer toward the OS and alter the android ecosystem.

According to open handset alliance consortium all manufactures should develop the phone under the platform ecosystem. The forked version will get incompatible with other android devices. They don’t have any effective features of android platform. Only the manufactures and app developer under OHA can made android open source system to more customizable and even more attractive.