Amazon to release 3D Smartphone in June

World’s biggest online retailer all set to make their debut in Smartphone business, to chase Apple and Samsung. Amazon already demonstrated version of Smartphone in San Francisco for developers and plant to make announcement by June, reported by wall street journal.

Amazon to release 3D Smartphone in June

Similar to hologram upcoming Amazon Smartphone will feature screen that capable of displaying 3D images. The phone won’t demands glasses for enjoying 3D elements.

The 3D screen technology within the phone will trace the eye movement of user. In that way Amazon Smartphone will able to zoom the images automatically as screen moves close to face of user.

The 3D screen will make a large difference in gaming in Smartphone, can bring more visual based games. Amazon will use new design for upcoming smartphone, company won’t reveal about which operating system is going to use within it’s first ever Smartphone.

Once Amazon start Smartphone business company will get more infor about user location and downloads. It will makes more opportunities in the business of household objects and other products. After announcement of Smartphone in June make launching in the month of September.

Credit of image : Amazon