Amazon story teller application gets unveils officially

Amazon studio is a part of the service which develops movies and TV shows through online. Today Amazon story teller application unveils that turns scripts into story boards. It is very much helpful for the script writers to turn their articles into story boards within no time.

Amazon story teller application Currently the writers have to use many artistic skills to make a good story board according to their script. With Amazon’s new tool one can easily turns those stories in to story board with one click. We know a story board can explain your thought very easily. It is something like movie trailer. A good story board contains full essence of writing.

Amazon story teller application

Amazon currently released this tool in beta version. To make it a great tool the company needs time to time feedback from the users. So they released the Amazon storyteller tool in beta. Itcontinuously analyses the feedbacks from users and provide more features with new updations.

The mode of visualization of your story board directly depends upon the users. The tools can only produce the right story board according to the script that you have given to it. You can visualize the full length script into storyboard by scene by scene or the selection you have made. The length of storyboard also depends upon your selection.

The story must be within RTF or Rich Text Format which is going to undergone for storyboard translation. Any movie project that not within RTF format can’t be turn into story board using Amazon story teller. To make a good storyboard with Amazon story teller first of all you have to submit your story into Amazon studios. This toll can only convert the story that in with Amazon studios.sign in page amazon storyteller

If you don’t have a story within your account and you need a story board you can use the public movie project with the permission of authors. You can request it through via studio mail that provided by Amazon.

Amazon story teller is enriches with multi range of backgrounds, characters and props. This tool is works well with contemporary dramas and romantic comedies. You can also make your own customization within Amazon story teller for more back grounds. Moreover Amazon Story teller is available for free via web.