Amazing features of Google fiber

When comes to the matter of technology the people around the world uniquely choose Google. Do you   know why? Google inc not only known for it’s search engine service but also for it’s motto for make people’s life most better. Each  Google product is symbol of quality  as everyone knows nowadays internet become a part of  our daily life. Now Google enters the internet service through Google fiber the 1GB/s connection. The features of Google fiber is truely amazing.

featurees of google fiberFor browsing downloading chatting…even most of our tasks are done through net. Every net users dream is to find a connection where there is no buffering and loading we need ultra speed. Today’s average broadband connection can’t fulfill our dream.  The user friendly Google find out solution for this problem by implementing heir new project called Google fiber. One of the focusing features of Google fiber is that it provides 100 times faster internet speed than that of normal broadband internet.

Internet through Google fiber faces no loading no buffering and no more waiting. The speed of Google fiber is offered through optical fiber connectivity. Instant downloading, crystal clear HD sharing at one click. Google chooses Kansas city as check point and they divides the city into small groups called  fiberhoods. The fiberhoods with most number of pre-registrations will get qualified fiber net .after a short While cans city moves on lightening speed internet.

This service will gives out speed of 1000 MB per sec.  In 90s when dial up connections are replaced by broadband connections which gives out speed of 5 Mb   Per sec will change technological world by large mean. So today by the implementation of this Google service will change the world beyond we can imagine.

This internet service from Google speed allow the user to get everything they need at very next instant. What is your  Choice video chatting uploading HD videos downloading movies features of Google fiber the only thing you  have to do is just click you will be right there.

Google won’t allow wasting our precious time.  Google fiber is provided only where pre-registrations are get raised through neighborhoods. Where  there Is more pre-registration there the team provide this service. when the internet is at it’s best then   the community become more stronger. The different plan for Google fiber get only when your fiberhood is get qualified through pre-registration. When your fiberhood get qualified then you will get an email to   connect up with Google fiber .after the connect you just sit and go to the speedy world through one   click.