Amazing facts about Google

Each and every one of us get wondered by the services and technologies provided by Google. That’s why we eagerly looking up for every single bit of information about Google. Even though daily users of Google we are still unknown about many facts about this tech giant. Let’s check out amazing facts about Google.Amazing facts about Google

World’s most trusted the search giant Google started from a research project of Larry page and Sergey Brin PhD graduated of Stanford University in 1998.

At the starting stage the founders named their project as BackRub as they focused on back links of web. Later they decide to rename it, as their invention can store vast amount of information search for a name related to it. The founders officially confirmed the name Google as they misspell the mathematical term Googol.

  1. Google’s homepage became simple and very bare because of the founders of search engine did not know HTML very well.
  2. Before the search button comes users take advantage of return key to explore the information on Google.
  3. One of the most attractive features of Google home page is its doodle changing that is made to logo graphics. The first Google doodle was made by a Google employee when Larry page and Sergey Brin gone for Burning man festival in Nevada to inform the users that the founders are out of office.
  4. Google is equipped with 450000 servers that are located in various data centers across the globe. The most trusted search engine gets search request from each corner of the world including Antarctica.
  5. Technical analyst think that there are six types of E- mail users and Google’s Gmail service included with all of these six category.
  6. Google is a customer based company they valued every single feedback that is get from millions of users. Each of Google services aim for the good will of our daily life.
  7. Google is the ever best workplace across the world. Employees can use their 20% of work time to do their own interesting projects many services such as social networking site Orkut and Google news are coming out this way. A dead Google employee’s families get 50% of their salary for 10 years.
  8. Google is so named because of it contain vast amount of information we called it is a miracle because it is beyond our imagination.