Motorola X will features always on voice commands

The upcoming Motorola X phone target for to provide true Google experience with advanced Smartphone facilities. A new report says Motorola X will features always on voice commands.

always on voice commands Of course we have already found the voice commands facility within a number of Smartphones. But to active Voice commands within Smartphones we have to initialize that operation with the launch of appropriate application. The always on voice commands feature within upcoming Motorola X Smartphone allows the users to make the voice commands to the handset without having an initialization step.

The reported site austroid also shared a demo video of always on voice commands. “Your Motorola X phone ready to listen and respond. Talk to it and it listen your voice. With the power of Google Now, it tells you what you need to know even when you are not touching the phone” said in the demo video.

Always on voice commands in Moto X Smartphone

So you can make commands to Motorola X phone while you are doing some other works. The always on voice command feature within Motorola X phone acts like a perfect guide for the users. You can initialize the voice command system within Motorola X phone by saying “Ok Google Now”.

The initialization command itself says that Google Now is the backbone of voice command feature within X phone. The active updates system within Motorola X phone automatically delivers the right informations you need. It is just like cards within Google Now service. But the real power of Motorola X phone is nothing but it automatically delivers this feature without having launching of service.

Motorola X phone also have new photo feature within it. To launch the camera within phone you just have to make a twist. Also you can make the shot by touching anywhere on the screen. The fully Google integrated Motorola X phone will introduce in next month. It will available in black and white colors.