All about Tizen mobile operating system

The name Tizen is not much familiar to everyone as Google’s Andriod is the dominanted in the filed. Tizen is Samsung’s own mobile operating system. Here all about Tizen mobile operating system.

all about Tizen mobile operating system

Tizen is an open source Operating System which supports standard – based software platform for famous mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers. Tizen can be considered as more flexible, customizable and innovative Operating System which can be used for multiple device categories.

The main components integrated in the realization of Tizen are the Linux kernel and the WebKit runtime. The Tizen project is realized by the Linux Foundation with the governance support from Technical Steering Group (TSG). Tizen operating system is developed by the partnership of Samsung along with Intel.

There are some unique properties that the new Tizen OS holds. The Tizen OS is Linux base with embraces of HTML5 which enables the wireless carriers to deliver their own services. As other Operating Systems during their starting stage Tizen also facing some challenges from the field.

mobile os from Samsung

The Android OS can be used by vendors and carriers after agreeing upon some rules in order to avoid fragmentation. If the vendor customize Android then it will no longer support the Google services. But the Tizen OS is more customizable and the carriers can add their own services and features to the device as to keep strong relationship with customer. They use NTT Docomo services instead of Google services. So the flexibility is the main feature which focusing against the growing dominance of Android.