Alfred Hitchcock’s 104 Birthday Google Doodle

Alfred Hitchcock’s 104th birthday is celebrated by Google with the release of a doodle in honor to him. He was a prominent film maker of 18th century. He donated many suspense thrillers and horror movies to the film industry. He was a director who knew the mind of his audience.

Alfred Hitchcock’s 104 Birthday Google Doodle
Alfred Hitchcock’s 104 Birthday(August 12, 2003)

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on 13th August 1899. He started his career as a writer. He published many articles in many publications at his younger ages. Gas, The woman’s part, the history of pea eating, what’s who, and there was no rainbow where some of his most renowned articles. In 1921 he wrote another article which named Fedora. This article was the most imaginative one from him which included the description of his future wife. He gave a perfect description of his wife whom he had not met at that time accurately in his article Fedora.

At this period when he was working as a writer he got craze in photography and started working in London film industry as a title designer. He worked as title designer for many silent movies during those years. He primarily did many cinemas in England. It was in England cinema he started the career as a film director. Within few years he became the best film director of England and he moved to Hollywood film making.

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock
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It’s his way of direction which makes him distinct and unique from other directors. The stories that he came up with also had a different outlook from those films which were released during that time. His is one of the greatest and influential film makers of all time.

Google doodle on his 104th birthday in included a silhouette of Alfred Joseph Hitchcock replacing Google letter ‘o’. In the head portion of the silhouette it also included the picture of a bird which symbolizes one of his famous and hit movies ‘The Bird’. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock directed this movie in the year 1963. It was an extraordinary horror movie.

Alfred Hitchcock’s 104 Birthday Google Doodle the attack of birds attack wildly and dramatically and captured the mind of many people. This was a milestone movie in the film industry. Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Tippe Hidren and Suzzane Plestte were the leading actors in the movie. This movie and actors have won several awards and honors including Golden Globe award. So the inclusion of such a huge success movie symbol in the doodle makes it much special.

Throughout his life time he contributed many outstanding movies for the film industry. Pleasure Garden, The ring, downhill’s, Easy virtue, Blackmail, Notorious, Born voyage, Life boat, Marine, Topaz, Frenzy, The family plot, the man who knew too much, the lady vanishes, and Young and the innocent are some among them. He was a director who travelled through all sorts of topics in his movies. His movie includes romance, sentiments, emotions, horror and suspense. Most of his stories had twisted endings.

Alfred Hitchcock was honored with many awards during his life time. Global Globe award, Laurel awards and many film Academic Awards, One of his film Rebecca won the best film award in1940. He was a talented man who had given many contributions in world film industry. He was died on  29th April 1980.