Alexa ranking – The ultimate web traffic analysis

The method of monitoring the traffic to your site by continuously evaluating and analyzing it is done by the Alexa ranking system. The required data for the ranking system is collected by using Alexa app which is integrated in the web page by the web masters that report the actual page viewers to your site to Alexa and by using Alexa tool bar and other data sources.

Apart from using as a ranking service there many other uses for Alexa. You can understand the quality of your website and its reachability and acceptance by the public by monitoring the results and analysis graph.

Alexa ranking – The ultimate web traffic analysis

The most visited web sites and most useful site can be evaluated by using the Alex rank. The lower the numerical value in the Alexa ranking system the content quality is high and accurate. The best and most visited web site of the world is Google and its Google which is having the Alexa ranking 1.

After Google the other web sites coming in the series are Facebook, You Tube, Yahoo,, Wikipedia, Windows Live,,,, twitter and so on. We can see that all the listed web site is popular all over with quality and quality of services offered. Alexa is the ultimate ranking scheme used to determine the web site traffic flow and use.

Now let’s go through more on basics of Alexa ranking, how it can be useful and how Alexa is used in traffic Analysis and how it’s used by web site owners for improving performance and acceptance of their websites.

How Alexa computes Traffic ranking?

The best traffic analysis in Alexa is done by using the results of continuous evaluation of website that you own by checking out the website viewers and reach of your website obtained by web usage of Alexa tool bar users and other data sources.

The one time calculations for this ranking scheme takes place in the time period of three months. This complex evaluation of web traffic flow to your websites takes in the daily base and the rank is determined by comparing with the results with the three month earlier results.

How Alexa ranking helps the website owners?

A website owner who has got pure aim of providing services, knowledge and valuable information through his/her website has many other uses from Alexa ranking scheme apart from getting the position of web site.

Alexa includes distinct variety of tools for the websites to know more on the reach and use of their website. By evaluating the result from tools a website owner can understand the effectiveness of their site contents on their audience.

By checking out who are viewing your site, what contents mostly used by the viewers of your site, from where more traffic are flowing to your site , listed contents in the search results on web search engines by Alexa web information services is very useful for improving the current position of your website among your audience.

What is reach and Page view?

The amount of particular website users is termed as reach of your website. For example is analysis says that your website has a reach of 38% it means that over the Global users evaluated by Alexa 38% view your website.

Page view is also a term relates to something like reach. This measures the numbers of pages viewed by your website visitors. Multiple views of the same page from same users is not calculated repeatedly it’s only taken ones. When the page view of your site increases the Alexa ranking of your site will also have advantage of it.

How Traffic Trend graph calculations helps you?

Daily traffic trend graph helps you to know the current influence of the contents from your website. But the ranking is done by considering evaluations in a time period of three months. Daily traffic to your site may fluctuate but evaluation over a particular time period probably gives the standard result.

How can you improve your website ranking?

There are many ways to improve your Alexa ranking. The perfect use and analysis of Alexa can improve your website standard. The use of Alexa tool bar is the best trend followed to improve the website ranking in Alexa by which you can evaluate the daily visits that you make to the sites including your own.

Apart from these tools the simplest and easiest way to improve your Alexa rank is attracting the audience with the service they require.  If you provide the best services like Google which have got the current best rank according to Alexa your site rank will also get improved.

Now we can see that Alexa is the Global leaders in the web traffic analysis which provides data, traffic analysis and ranking of more than 30 million websites with more than 6 million monthly visitors.