Alessandro Volta , inventor of Electric Cell gets a Global Google Doodle

Alessandro Volta, the inventor of Electric Battery gets a Global Google Doodle on 270th Birthday. Volta, the Italian Physicist was born on February 18, 1745.

Alessandro Volta Google Doodle
Alessandro Volta Google Doodle(February 18, 2015)

Voltaic Pile is highlighted in animated doodle for Volta. Continuously flowing electricity was introduced to the world for first time with Voltaic Pile. Google logo alphabets lights up in doodle. You can also see in doodle ,equation of chemical reaction of  oxidation and reduction in first ever electro chemical cell that Volta invented in 1800s including the electrodes of  Zinc, Copper and Electrolyte Sulfuric Acid mixed with water.

Volta’s Law of Electrochemical series and the concept of electro motive force was a turning point in science. The invention of the powerful battery, electrolysis and isolation of a dozen of chemical elements were made based on the concept introduced by Volta.

Discovery of Methane add up Volta’s contribution in Chemistry. It’s in honor to him the Unit of Electric Potential was given name Volt in 1881.Since the introduction of  Euro, Italian Iira note of 10,000 contained image of Alessandro Volta and Voltaic Pile. Doodle for Alessandro Volta will be present for 24 hours globally and clicking the doodle directs you to search page for Alessandro Volta.