Birthday Doodle for Alejandro Obregon by Google

Google Doodle in Colombia on Wednesday wishes artist Alejandro Obregon, on 93rd birthday.It was on 1920 June 4, Alejandro Obregon born.


Alejandro Obregon Google Doodle
Alejandro Obregon Google Doodle(June 4, 2014)

Google Doodle is designed in Obregon’s style. Even Google logo included in doodle, adapting his core dimension style, theme and color mixing . With Strong fascination towards nature and life in nature, Alejandro Obregon used images from nature to point out social criticisms and political views.

By clicking on Doodle for Obregon, you will be directed to the search page of Google with phrase ‘Alejandro Obregon’. All links, videos and images will be listed in it and you can go through all events and famous works of Alejandro Obregon there.

Obregon’s painting have shown similarities and influence from great artist like Picasso and Graham Sutherland. As Obregon influenced by legends many painters was influenced by Obregon too. Apart from painter, Obregon was also known scluptor,muralist and engraver.

Alejandro Obregon participated in many competitions and won prizes. He conducted painting exhibitions in his country and also outside. Starting from 1945, the first solo exhibition in Colombia, his works captured attraction of wide range of audience and critics.

Colombian style and culture reflected in themes of his works. Most of  Alejandro Obregon’s painting were self explanatory though it includes many symbolisms. Value intensity remained almost constant in every point of canvas though there were divisions of layers in his works.

Obregon travelled to many places in search of themes for works during his life time. In France,Germany and Switzerland he conducted many painting exhibitions and  took part in many competitions. Participation in National Salon of Artist of Colombia, in 1944, made Obregon recognized as a artist all over in Colombia.

Obregon died on April 11, 1992 at Colombia. Today also many young artists refer his works to know more on painting. This 93rd Birthday doodle for Obregon by Google today makes every Colombian remember him.