Albert Einstein 124th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Doodle on March 13th was designed to honor Albert Einstein. It was his 124th Birthday. Google decorated its homepage with a doodle where the world famous formula E=mc2 is written. Albert Einstein is the one who is behind this formula which became the milestone in the history of science.

 Albert Einstein 124th Birthday Google Doodle
Albert Einstein 124th Birthday(March 13, 2003)

Albert Einstein 124th Birthday Google Doodle  on 13th March was special and different. It was designed to make world remember about the great scientist the world ever seen Albert Einstein. Doodle designer included moustache in the Google letter ‘o’ which is similar to Albert Einstein’s moustache.

Albert Einstein had a different look from those lived at his time. He had thick moustache and long hair. Doodle also consisted of his famous formula at its end. E=mc2 is an equation familiar to every educated man in the world. Doodle designer include ‘=’ symbol in the doodle after the logo word. This symbolically tells that doodle is meant for him.

Albert Einstein was born on 14th March 1879. He was an extraordinary talented personality. Today also scientists are in research to know the reason behind the knowledge of this great personality. This extra ordinary talent made him to be known worldwide as the father of Physics. Einstein had some speech difficulty when he was in primary school, but from that time he started his scientific career. He was interested in experimenting with new things.

Albert was interested in teaching profession and he spent two years after his graduation searching for the job he likes. He became an examiner in the federal office or intellectual property. He found many things relating electrical and mechanical energy when he was in his job. This made him to reach the conclusion that light, time and space has got great connection scientifically.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein[ Image Credit]
During his life time he visited many places including New York, Singapore, Japan and Palestine. These journeys gave Albert Einstein chance to meet many renowned scientist and intellectuals. All these added the spirit in Albert Einstein inventions.

Throughout his career he had wrote many books and articles. The main areas where Albert showed his talent are Brownian motion, Photo electric effect, Special relativity, Matter energy equivalence.

His inventions and scientific finding had no end. There are a number of articles in his name. He was given a large number of prizes and awards during his life time and also after his death. He was given the Nobel Prize for physics in the year 1921.

Albert was a highly talented scientist at the same time a good human being. He had clear cut political and religious views during his life time. His political views were mainly associated to socialism. He had great affection towards music during his life time. His mother was a good piano player; this made him to develop love towards it from childhood. It’s believed that Einstein started playing piano from the age of five. He had a great affinity towards Mozart music.

There are many inspirational quotes written by him which give energy for humanity to live a peaceful life. He believed that mistakes can make human study. He had said that ‘a person never done a mistake means he had never tried anything new’. He was died on April 17 in the year 1955 at the age of 76.Though he is not with us; his contributions in the scientific world never leave us.