100th Birthday Doodle for Nobel Prize winning Author Albert Camus

Google France and Spain homepage included a special animated doodle for celebrating 100th birthday of Nobel Prize winning author Albert Camus. It’s on 7 November 1913, Albert Camus born in French Algeria.


Albert Camus Google Doodle
Albert Camus Google Doodle(November 5, 2013)

Google Doodle theme for Camus birthday is based on one of his work. You can see Sisyphus at the center of doodle rolling boulder up a hill. Albert Camus included Sisyphus in one of his work to mention about absurdism. ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ is the philosophical essay by Camus composed in 119 pages published in 1942.

Sisyphus, the character adapted from Greek Mythology is used by Camus in his essay to speak out about absurdity of man’s life. According to the mythological beliefs  Sisyphus is the character who was forced to pull up a boulder to top of  a hill continuously to see it rolling down.

Sisyphus is referred as an absurd hero by Camus in essay.Apart from Camus, Franz Kafka and some other famous authors also have mentioned Sisyphus in their works. Richard Taylor, the famous philosopher compare the repetition of life which is meaningless with myth of Sisyphus. Camus acknowledges his essay with a title appendix which points to Kafka’s view on Sisyphus.

Albert Camus have wrote numerous shortstories, plays, non fictionbooks and even novels. ‘The Stranger’, a philosophical novel wrote by Camus got great acceptance in France. The Fall,  The Plauge, A Happy Death and The first Man are the other novels wrote by Camus. It was in 1957, Nobel Prize was awarded to Camus.

Camus died in a car accident at the age of 46 on 4th January 1960. He is considered to be an outstanding philosopher and author lived in 20th century. Many monuments and statues of Camus is placed in his honor at many places. Love, humaity, ethics, politics everything became part of his works. Google with doodle honored him.