Agustín Lara Birthday Doodle in Google MX

Late music composer from Mexico, Agustín Lara get a Google Doodle on 113th birthday. Lara had a stunning music life with lots of compositions giving him the name ‘The Musical Poet’.


Agustín Lara Google Doodle
Agustín Lara Google Doodle(October 30 2013)

Google Doodle for Agustín Lara includes a grand piano played by Lara in background of Google logo wrote in white color. To add beauty to the doodle for this magical composer, doodler included musical notes too in the doodle as if flying out of piano. Maroon and brown combination of background is given to the doodle.

Google Mexican users were welcomed with this doodle on October 30th, 2013. For 24 hours doodle was on homepage clicking on the doodle takes you to list of music works by Lara and also his life.

Born on 1897 at Veracruz on October 30th Agustín Lara along with family moved to Mexico in 1906. Lara had passion for music from childhood itself.

Marucha was the first composition by Lara, he wrote for his first love.  It’s the show ‘An intimate hour with Agustín Lara’  in radio made him famous. It’s in 1930’s , XEW radio station was opened and Agustín Lara got a big leap. ‘The Prisoner,Rosa, Peridida,  Maria Bonita, Aqel Amor are some among large series of Lara’s work which got wide recognition.

Apart from an Composer, Lara was a singer, songwriter and actor. Agustín Lara was regarded as an international star. His playboy kind of nature made him involve in many controversial statements and issues. He was highlighted in news of the time in relationship with many celebrities. Lara got married to Maria Felix on 1945.

Lara was honored on various stages for his dedication and contributions to work. Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, the president honored Lara in the year 1953. Agustín Lara was a notable celebrity in his entire lifetime. On November 6, 1970 he died. Many memorials and statues of Lara is erected in honor of him around Mexico after his death.