Advantages of new centralized playlist based interface of YouTube

YouTube continuously making changes within it’s interface for keeping you with wonderful videos for longtime. Now YouTube released new centralized look along with much improvement for playlists, for making easy navigation and content finding.

Advantages of new centralized playlist based interface of YouTube

You have already managed to keep all favorite within your YouTube playlist. For making faster access to playlists YouTube now eliminated the steps towards them. through the new interface you can play the videos from playlist right within the guide, won’t seen within another window. It also makes selection within playlists much easier than before.

You will also see a mobile application like system within new centralized interface of YouTube. The ‘what to watch’ and ‘my subscription’ links at top of videos let you to get with videos you liked to watch, only when you sign in with YouTube. It makes faster navigation for getting with favorite YouTube videos. You can also manage your subscription right from that page itself.


You can also check for the playlists and subscriptions from any page of YouTube even when you are watching a videos right from the guide button, can find it from top left corner of the page. It also includes social, YouTube history and watch later buttons.

Once you access social section from guide button of YouTube you can access all videos from pages you liked on top social networking sites. There is also a switching option for different social account to access videos from each of them. You can also find the history of your YouTube behaviour from guide button itself, possible to erase all history and can shutdown it for alltime.

Top image credit : Gizmodo