Access any files from anywhere with SkyDrive

The storing and accessing files using cloud service will makes accessibility at any time. Yes, Access any files from anywhere with SkyDrive, cloud service from Microsoft.
access any files from anywhere with skydrive

SkyDrive is the most popular online service from Microsoft Company. You can store all your important datas to secured cloud space and can synchronize them. The cloud storage of datas can be its own benefits. It can be completely private. In SkyDrive the datas can be stored within cloud space using your Microsoft account. So all your stuffs are kept under private mode so that no one can easily access them.

The SkyDrive offers a storage space up to 7GB for a new account. The storage space can be increased through purchasing the space. Once your files are get uploaded to the cloud it is kept completely under private mode. But you can share those datas at your wish. So the service will also offer sharing of data in a secured way.


The files are uploaded via different methods in SkyDrive. It is depending upon the file size. The file sizes up to 300MB are stored through browser via drag and drop method. The SkyDrive application is used for uploading more size files. The uploaded datas can be accessible from anywhere at any time as it is get synchronized.

Suppose the files are getting uploaded with a desktop PC. It can’t be carry with you in your journey. You can access the uploaded data via your tablet or phone. It is one of the significant features of SkyDrive online service. Your files are becomes safe and secured with SkyDrive as it is a cloud service and it is not affected by system crash or virus attack.

Once your datas are shared with anyone then that particular file can access without having an account. SkyDrive also support multiple file formats like PDF XML ODF…Etc. As it is an effective service that helps to store datas securely and provide easy access from anywhere it get first listed in next generation operating system Windows 8.