Abebe Bikila 81st Birthday Doodle by Google

Abebe Bikila 81st Birthday Doodle published on Google homepage on August 7th, 2013. In Abebe Google doodle we can see  the ingredients to make us remember his area of excellence.

Abebe Bikila 81st Birthday Doodle
Abebe Bikila’s Birthday(August 7, 2013)

Abebe Bikila 81st Birthday Doodle in Google homopage included his image in the place of alphabet ‘l’. Entire logo is given the look of a race ground with separation of each alphabets using white lines symbolizing the racing track. The design is as if Abebe Bikila bare footedly reached the finishing point after the long race.

Abebe Bikila’s Birthday is 7th August 1932.He was the man from Ethiopia who became the double marathon champion in Olympics. After working as a bodyguard for royal family many years his talent was noticed by Onni Nishkanen. It was he who noticed the hidden skill in Bikila and trained him.

Abebe Bikila
Abebe Bikila

It Onni’s effort which made a turning point in Bikila’s life.  He took great effort in replacing a wounded athlete for 1960’s summer Olympics by Bikila. It was his great confidence in Bikila’s talents made him to take this decision at the last moment.

Due to certain reason he participated for the race barefooted and came out as the winner of gold medal in the Olympics. In the speech after winning the medal he told that he want the world know that Ethiopians always won by determination and heroism. It’s his patriotism that is reflected in this words.

From 1960’s summer Olympics Abebe Bikila started participating in Marathons all over the world. In most of them he became the winner.

Bikila was a man who had great dedication for his work, he also had great trust in God, believed that every achievements that he got was by God’s grace and he thanked got every time when he made new victories.

It was on October 25th, 1973 Abebe Bikila died at the age of 41 due to cerebral hemorrhage. Though Bikila had only 41 years of life he made outstanding achievements and victories in his life time. His life was a message to humanity. Many honors and awards were given to Bikila during his lifetime. Abebe Bikila 81st Birthday Doodle  is an honor for him and his skills by Google.