888th Birthday of Philosopher Averroes marked by Google Doodle

Google on Monday marks 888th Birthday of Philosopher, mathematician, doctor, astronomer Averroes on its homepage . Google Doodle for Averroes depicts his image image in it.

888th Birthday of Philosopher Averroes marked by Google Doodle
888th Birthday of Philosopher Averroes(April 14, 2014)

Monument at Andalusia, Averroes spent most of his in the place and  you can see its image as the background of the Google doodle dedicated to Averroes. At present it’s in Spain, in front of the monument there is a statue of this preeminent philosopher.

Works of this great scholar where in regard to religious and scientific ethics. His works and thoughts inspired other prominent philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians of the time. Works and philosophies of Averroes have been  influenced  Jewish and Christian philosophers of Middle ages.

In the Google Doodle, its the alphabets ‘o’ replaced his image and background monument. All other logo letters are included in black font with slight Arabic touch. Mastering the Aristotle Philosophy, Averroes has influenced the science of his time. Apart from philosophical works, Averroes also have contributed in medicinal, astronomical and mathematical fields extensively.

Averroes is believed to be born on 14 April 1126. Contribution of Averroes in different fields during the time with no sophisticated machines and instruments showcase his talents and knowledge. I think, Google Doodle today makes viewers think for a second about our ancestors who structured world for us. It’s Amazing that a man lived in 10th century contributed this much to the world so that today also he is remembered.

Averroes died on 1198 December 10. In honor and respect  to Averroes, films, plays, books and short stories are made by prominent artists.  Statues and monuments are built in many places to show respect for this great personality. Building, places and even an asteroid in named to his name in honor.

Today’s Doodle to honor Averroes on 888th Birthday is a good thought from search giant.It’s interesting that a logo change can give good message to world or introduce talent of someone to the world. Till now more than 1500 doodles were published by Google on different countries since 1998.