Google celebrates 65th anniversary of first stored program computer

Today Google celebrated the 65th anniversary of  first stored program computer by a special post in the official blog making us think about the beginning of new era. The first step which became a milestone in the world history is now 65 years old. Manchester machine nick named as ‘The Baby’ marked the beginning of software revolution.

65th anniversary of first stored program computerTom Kiburn, Williams and Geoff Tootill was the creative head of this venture of building up ‘Baby’. Storing and manipulating data and instruction with electronic memory was first introduced by these three people. Even we can say that its Will-Kibrun tube to store data is the first form of RAM.

65th anniversary of first stored program computer

As it’s the first model of software to store program and compute the efficiency was not up to the mark. But it was with the concept and idea of this machine, the new form of computer got birth. So we can completely say that ‘Baby’ was the beginning, which lead for the formation of computerized world.

Google with this post remembered the beginning of the software revolution and the honored those who made the Baby a reality. Baby can be said as a model or inspiration which made others work on to build the efficient and simple computing machine which resulted in the production of Ferranti Mark 1, the first commercially sold computer. It was in the year 1951 Ferranti Mark 1 was made to a realty.

In Museum of Science and Industry now we can see the working replica of this invention at Manchester. Though now science as travelled too long with new creations and inventions, the Baby shows the beginning of all these.