The 6 most wanted tips for new Google Maps for android and iOS

Google released their new map application for android and iOS in the second and third week of July respectively. The redesigned Google Maps application helps us to explore the places and get the things easier. Here 6 most wanted tips for new Google Maps for android and iOS.

6 most wanted tips for new Google MapsYou can get the new Google Maps for android and iOS from respective application stores. Google introduced their updated map application with useful search and advanced navigation features. The new Google Mapsworks like a perfect guide for exploring the places much faster and easier. Google also makes several changes within offline map and some other features.

The 6 most wanted tips for new Google Maps

  • Zooming option in more than one way

Once you select for the place that you want to explore with Google Maps you need to make zooming to get the places closer. We already had seen the pinch to zoom option within Google Maps. The alter option for zooming in new Google Maps makes it faster and easier. You can double tap on the screen, hold it, and then move up and down to zoom in and out within new Google Maps.Zooming option new google maps

  • Offline line map for more convenience

Sometimes you need to keep some maps for hangouts where there is unavailability of network. The offline map within new Google Maps helps us to find a perfect solution for this situation. It is only available in new android version of Google Maps. To make it, select the map of the place that you want to save. Then tap on the search box, scroll down and select ‘make this map area available offline’. It is one of the most wanted tips for new Google Maps.

  • Explore local businesses with one tap

One of the main things that we need to know about a particular place is about hotels and coffee bars available there. The new Google Maps featured with advanced options to find local bussinesses. The only thing you have to do is tap on the search box, then you can find different cards on categories like eat, drink, shop, play or sleep. Select the desired option that meet with your wants.Explore local business

  • Swipe to see more businesses details

Once you select your favorite local business from a place you can find even more details about that place with new Google Maps. After you make your section swipe up and down to see more informations about that place. Swiping of left and right will helps you to find out more similar places.

  • Drop a pin with places to see street views and for sharing

Once you get with the desired place with Google Maps it helps you to drop a pin for getting more details. To drop a pin in your favorite places just hold on the place for a while. Then you can find street views, more directions and details about that place. Moreover you can easily share the information about that place with your friends with one tap.drop a pin new Google Maps

  • Make reviews and help others to find out best places

The recommendations from others help you to get on with right business easier. In the same way you can rate the local business with new Google Maps. Select the restaurant or other local business where you want to make rating. Then go for information sheet about that place. Tap on rate and review option. You need to sign in with your Google account to make rating. After that make rating according to your wish. Also you can find option to write review about that place.

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