Apple reportedly to launch 5th generation iPad in September

Until now we came across the dominance of android devices. Now it is time for iOS devices,  Apple reportedly to launch 5th generation iPad in September. Also the second generation iPad Mini will launch along with it.

5th generation iPad According to the reports the 5th generation iPad will have a 9.7 inch screen with slimmer bezel. So the tablet becomes easy to handle. The LED backlight retina display provides a quality that wishes by the user. The upcoming iPad also have more rounded edges that the predecessor. It is also becomes 25% lighter than the previous model.

If the reports comes true we will also get chance to hit with second generation iPad Mini in the coming September. The brand addicts expects for retina display for this device other than any other new features. But it is not all confirmed yet.

The focusing feature of  upcoming 5th generation iPad is nothing but the iOS7 updation itself. The new innovative features of new OS version really provide a new tablet experience. Last year we had seen the release of iPhone 5 in the month of September itself. But the company didn’t reveal anything about the launching of new iPhone.

Recently we got with a leaked video of cheap iPhone. It have a plastic body other than aluminum one. But this news and launching of new iPhone still remains as rumors. We can expect that Apple will make official announcement on this matters shortly.