5 million Instagram videos get uploaded in just 24 hours

The main difference in features of Vine and Instagram is nothing but video supportiveness. Now that limitation gone off it is not 6 second you can take 15 seocnd video with Instagram. Afterofficial release 5 million Instagram videos get uploaded in just 24 hours.

5 million Instagram videos get uploaded in just 24 hoursInstragram became the most effective tools to share the multimedia contents to social networking sites. The Facebook ownred social networking service available for android and iOS. It has more than 130 million active users around the world. The popularity of Instagram even gets increases by the 15 second video support. Now 5 million Instagram videos get uploaded in just 24 hours.

Vine is one of the video supporting social networking sharing tools that we found until yesterday. The Twitter ownered service became popular by the 6 second video support facility. But the massive video sharing that found by the Instagram service surely put down Vine services badly. According to the reports the Instagram users added 40 hours of videos per minute.

It is sure that the 15 second video support makes a great impact on Instagram users. As the service also boast with 13 different video patterns the users will be able to make videos according to the situation. Also the current Instagram video sharing momentum shows that 15 second turns to be the right duration than Vine’s 6 second one. Of this momentum continues constantly the service will surely breaks many milestones for sure.

Earlier today we saw that Twitter sends mails to the Vine users to promote the desired service. Many Vine users shared this topic through their Twitter account. It is seems to be Twitter gets threatened by Instagram’s new feature. Twitter also plans to add new features to Vine in coming weeks. The users can get the video supporting version of Instagram from respective application stores.