5.9 inch Smartphone from Samsung may release this year

The trending sales of phablets itself show off users taste for big screen phones. Now reports says this year may meet with release of 5.9 inch Smartphone from Samsung.

5.9 inch Smartphone from SamsungThe Galaxy Note II phablet already became a one of the most successive product from Samsung, crosses 10 million sales. This may driven Samsung for plan of 5.9 inch handset.

5.9 inch Smartphone from Samsung

In previous year there counts more than 83 million shipments of phablets. The analysts revealed that in 2013 phablet shipment will crosses 150 million. The introduction of 5.7 inch ZTE Grand Memo sounds this fact.

The upcoming Samsung phablet will have a 5.9 inch OLED screen. So it is becomes the first ever flexible screen phablet from Samsung. As the OLED technology required only low cost the price tag of the device also seems to be customer satisfiable one. As the new phablet boast flexible display it is firmly fit in the pocket itself. That is the large screen never made any uncomfortability. It can bent easily. Still it can show updations and messages.

The phablet will powered by eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor. It is a home grown processor from the Company. As it is a combination of two four core processor it can offers lightning fast processing speed. You won’t feel any lag with any services within the device. Samsung likely to be introduce this device along with the release of upcoming iPhone 5S. The detailed specifications and release date will inform soon.