4th of July 2007 Google Doodle

4th of July is a very special day for the people of America. It’s the day when they came to know the new joy of freedom. Google also took part in the anniversary of their Independence with a beautiful doodle as usual. It’s on 4th of July of 1776 United States got freedom and become federal republic officially.

4th of July 2007 Google Doodle
4th of July 2007(July 4, 2007)

People of United States celebrate the day with grand functions. 4th of July 2007 Google Doodle published on the homepage of Google on United States were specially designed to spread the wishes all over the country. It was designed with the flag colors of United States. Bald Eagle is also included in the doodle which is the official national bird of America.

We can see the image of this bird in almost all important places and objects including the coins and currency in United States. The image of the Eagle is placed at the place of Google logo alphabet ‘g’. The replacement of the logo alphabet ‘g’ with the picture added beauty of the doodle. Every year we can see this kind of innovative doodle from Google on 4th of July in United States homepage.

In the year 1776 delegates from 13 different nations came together in United States and announced the independence. Since then this day had got great importance all over the country. People of United States organize many program on 4th of July to make it one of the best days of year. It is celebrated with great respect and honor and the popularity and reach of the celebration is increasing year by year.

On the year 2007 also the condition was similar and people completely celebrated the day with all fun and happiness. They also found time to pray for their loved ones who fought continuously for gaining freedom. Special prayers where conducted and wreaths are kept on the tombs of soldiers who died in the fight for freedom. It is those people who made a beautiful life for us possible on earth, this message is murmured in the heart of every US citizen on the day and always tries to arrange programs by respecting them on this day.

4th of July
4th of July[Image Credit :examiner.com]
The celebration for 4th of July begins weeks before it itself. People will be busy in arranging functions and events for that day. The week before 4th of July is the most crowded week of the year everywhere we can see people gathered to do the shopping for the celebrations of Independence Day.

The actual celebration starts on the day morning with a long parade which included participation from all around the country. It’s a very beautiful sight to see hundreds of people coming together with national flag and costumes in national flag colors. The true national spirit of Americans are seen in the parade of the day. It’s one of the largest parades of the country.

Starting with the parade there will be a long queue of programs on 4th of July which last till night. Programs includes special speeches by officials, award functions, prayers, completions, picnics and outings. 4th of July is a national holiday in America and if the day is  Sunday then the very next day that is 5th of July is given as a holiday.