Google 4th of July 2006 Doodle with merry making cats

The National Day of United states is known as 4th of July. In United States, 4th of July is celebrated as Federal holiday. United States got independence on 4th of July in 1776 after the colonial ruling of the Great Britain.

4th of July 2006 Doodle
4th of July 2004 (July 4, 2006)

People celebrate this freedom with several official and unofficial events. As in 4th of July 2006 doodle  we can see merry making and joy every where. It is common to see 4th of July doodles in Google US . Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, carnivals, fairs, concerts, family reunions and basketball games are the other unofficial celebrations occurs other than official parades.

Google released a special doodle on the occasion of 4th of July. In this doodle instead of 2 ‘o’s in Google doodle it is replaced with 2 cats celebrating the occasion. One cat holds National flag of US and both of them celebrate National Day with sparkles.

United States Independence History

The struggle and history of United States for the freedom can be summarized as follows. US was  divided in to thirteen colonies during the colonial ruling of the Great Britain. During the time of American Revolution the second Continental Congress take a major step towards the independence by Congress put forward a resolution step. By voting all other members agreed upon the new resolution that is put forward by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.

The revolution committee looked forward to move on with American Movement , as the result of approval from the members of committee. It is this initiative that helps the Americans to get freedom from Great BritainThe Continental Congress decided that this is the right time to fight for the freedom.

4th of July Parade
4th of July Parade [Image Credit :]
The Continental Congress committee members decided to prepare a statement which clearly explains about the facts emerged in the second congress. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of this forum. All the committee members signed the declaration document on 4th of July.

The official declaration was on 4th of July after signing the document although the declaration was taken on 2nd of July.So there rise some dispute about the date of National Day. Later this is solved by committee members itself and 4th of July is declared as National Day of United States.