4th of July 2000 Google Doodle

4th of July is declared as a national holiday in United States and is celebrated as Independence Day. Google released a series of doodle as a part of it. Google released doodles locally in United States from 1st July to 4th of July.

4th of July 2000 Google Doodle (July 1, 2000)

Independence Day of United States is commonly known as 4thof July and is a Federal Holiday in United States. United States got independence from the Great Britain on July 14, 1776. Independence Day is celebrated as National Day of United States. Independence Day is celebrated with different kinds of official and unofficial events by the people. The celebration is associated with parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnics, carnivals, fairs, concerts, family reunions and basketball games. Also there occur some political speeches and official ceremonies as a part of celebration. The events whether it is official or unofficial reflects the traditions, history and Government of United States.

4th of July 2000 Google Doodle
4th of July 2000 – 1 (July 1, 2000)

The doodle released on the July 1 is as to show the beginning of preparations of National Day. Google doodle is quite simple and the logo is same as the usual one. The only change is that there are some Founding Fathers running around each doodles. This is the first time doodle releasing the doodle for 4th of July (United States National Day). Since from there, every year the doodle is released as a part of US National Day. As for the first time Google released 4 doodles illustrates each part of celebrations.

4th of July 2000 Google Doodle (July 2, 2000)

Now let’s discuss the traditional background of United States independence struggle. During the ruling of Great Britain, United States were divided in to thirteen colonies. This legal separation was occurred on July 2, 1776.  As a part of American Resolution, Second Continental Congress put forward a resolution step for independence. The approval is the result of voting after the proposal of resolution independence by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. The decision of getting independence for United States from Great Britain was the result of this resolution proposed in June. After the decision taken by the congress by voting, they realized that it’s the right time for take efforts towards declaring the independence. As a part of this a committee containing five members prepared a statement which clearly explains about the decision taken by the congress. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of this prepared statement.

4th of July 2000 – 2 (July 2, 2000)

So July 2nd is considered as special day in American history. It is celebrated by the new generations as great anniversary festival. The      day become special as it is considered as the day of God Almighty, deliverance and dedication. The day is celebrated with parades,   Games, Sports, Shows and Fireworks etc.  It is publicized that American’s celebrate the Day of Independence much more than July 2. But the start of resolution is the underlying root of the independence. In the second doodle the preparations for the Independence Day is in progress. The logo for the doodle is designed as simple as possible.

4th of July 2000 Google Doodle (Jul 3, 2000)

There existed some disputes about the date of the celebration of independence. The congress signed the independence declaration document on 4th of July. Also homas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin cleared the dispute by writing that they signed the declaration document on that day. But the historians have another believe that the document was signed after one month on 2nd July 1776, not the day which is believed. Both signers of the document John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who are served the nation as president also died on July 4, 1876, on the 50th anniversary of the independence.

4th of July 2000 – 3 (Jul 3, 2000)

Another Founding Father James Monroe who served as president of US also died on July 4 in 1831. The 30th president of America Calvin Coolidge born on July 4, 1872 is known as the first president who born on the Independence Day of United States. So there is much more historic importance to 4th of July as far as America is concerned. Independence Day is national holiday in United States by the occurrence of some patriotic displays.

As similar to any other summer celebrations Independence Day is also celebrated as an outdoor festival. The federal institutions like postal service and federal courts are closed on that day as Independence Day is celebrated as federal festival. The doodle released on the 3rd July depicts the celebrative or festive mood. The doodle includes the firework shows and the Founding Forman around the Google Logo. Fireworks are the main attraction of the night just before the Independence Day

4th of July 2000 Google Doodle (Jul 4, 2000)

The politicians appear before the public on this special occasion and praise the nation for its rich heritage, tradition and developments. There is also some unofficial part of the celebration. Families celebrate the holiday by outgoings or barbecue with the members. Colored decorations, Parades and Fireworks are the colorful aspects of Independence Day. Firework show in the independence celebration is accompanied with the National Anthem and other songs about history and tradition of the nation. The military base fires gun for single time for each nation and are called as “salute to the union”. The largest Firework was seen by the country in 2009 in New York City where almost 22 tons of pyrotechnics exploded. The official aspects of the celebration always observed 4th of July. But the celebrative perspective considering, the participation level of celebration varies according to the day in which the July 4thfalls.

4th of July 2000 – 4 (Jul 4, 2000)

The holiday varies from region to region. If the 4th of July falls middle of the week then the celebrations extends up to the weekend for convenience. The first week of July is considered as busiest travelling period for Americans as a result of celebrations occurring during the week of National Day. In the last doodle released as a part of 2000 United States Independence Day it pictured the rise of new nation or building of the nation called United States after the Independence.