Intel to make 4th generation Haswell processor release on June 4

Intel is world’s largest chip makers based in United States of America. Today most of all desktop and laptop computers powered by Intel processors. It is a few months since we heard about Intel’s new processor. Today it gets confirmed. Intel to make 4th generation Haswell processor release on 4th June.

4th generation Haswell processor releaseIntel informed the confirmation of the new Haswell processor through the official Twitter account. They displays that the fourth generation Intel processor gets unveiled within 3,337,200,000,000,000 seconds. That’s on 4th June 2013. It is developed for desktop, laptops and for ultra-books.

4th generation Haswell processor release

The fourth generation Intel Haswell is made for to deliver high performance with low power consumption. It can give up 9 hours of battery life. Haswell processor is developed under 22nm technology.

The upcoming Intel processor can provide a clock speed of 3.5GHz. It offers a turbo boost up to 3.9GHz. It also has 8MB of cache. The Haswell processors is developed under new LGA 1150 socket so that it demand a new mother board on star up. The fourth generation Intel processors have four-cores. The shipment of the processor for the manufactures will be done within the month of June.

Features of Intel i7 processor

  • Intel i7 processor is equipped with four cores. It provides better performance for both operating system and applications. Users can ensure easy multitasking and multi-thread performance.
  • The hyper threading system helps to complete multiple tasks easily. As it provides two processing thread for each cores multiple applications can be performed at a time. It saves working time effectively.
  • The 8MB cache provides easy manipulation and data storage.
  • Intel’s quick path interconnect system allows i7 processor to increase bandwidth. It can provide a data transferring speed of 25.6GB/s.
  • Intel i7 supports DDR3 main memory.
  • Intensive graphics support, 3D gaming support.
  • Can provide high performance with low power consumption. Each sore can perform four instruction set at a time.
  • Intel i7 supported with virtualization technology.