3GHz ARM Processors will hit the market in next year

ARM processors are the basics of consumer electronics devise such as Smartphones, Tablets, media players…Etc. new reports says 3GHz ARM processors will hit the market very soon, may be in the middle of 2014.

3GHz ARM processorsThe Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and GlobalFoundaries are the Companies that are planned for this move. Currently the 2.3GHz is the top clock speed that provided by the ARM processors. It is developed under 28nm technology and available in Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4i processors.

As faster performance became the key feature of an ideal device it is the responsibility of a manufacture looking for high speed processor. To make such innovative processors with higher clocker speed manufactures plans to choose 20nm technology foe next generation ARM processors.

The 20nm technology for processors uses more number of transistors for manufacturing. This technology also includes multi core server CPUs, high end FPGAs and ASIC SoCs. The main target behind this technology is to bring high performance with low power consumption.

Features of 3GHz ARM processors

It is said to be the next generation 3GHz ARM processors will have 30% more speed, 1.9 times better density and 25% less power consumption. So the devices running on next generation ARM processors will get better battery life. The low battery life is one of the main problems affected by many Smartphone users today.ARM

Such processors can also bring support for high graphics based games and applications. Also the ultra HD video playback and high quality audio support becomes easy with next generation ARM processors.

As we know the popular wireless providers all set to launch the next generation 4G network LTE-Advanced by the end of this year. So it is essential to optimize the device with more advanced processors. So the 20nm technology based ARM processors will surely help the people to access such network through their Smartphones. The leading manufacture Intel is also plans for providing 14nm based processors in next year. So we can expect devices with lightning fast performance in coming years.

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