How 2K display Galaxy S5 becomes new experience for customers

2K display is the main discussing topic of upcoming Galaxy S5 Smartphone. As Samung going to introduce their first 2K display Smartphone on 24th February many of you stuck with doubt, what actually meant by 2K display and how it changes the experience within the Smartphone. Here all about 2K display technology for Galaxy S5.

2K display Galaxy S5

Samsung managed to brings sharper display with more pixel density through every flagship Smartphones. For the last year they provided the customers full HD display in 5 inch screen of Galaxy S4 with resolution 1920*1080px. For this year, 2014 Samsung all set to bring 2K display for Galaxy S5, That is twice as many pixels than that of Galaxy S4.

The 2K display Samsung Galaxy S5 will have insane pixel density of 560ppi in 5.2 inch screen with resolution 2560*1440px. In other worlds this display quality perfectly suits for a 27 inch computer screen. Normally a display with pixel density more than 300ppi within small screens can’t detectable for human eye. But such 2K display can smartly put away all sort of visual imperfection from Galaxy S5.

Samsung display trend

2K display within Galaxy S5 also can make split screen system for apps through Samsung’s multi window feature. That is you can easily manage two applications within a screen. Actually the power of 2K display system within Galaxy S5 delivers through 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, demands such a compatible processor for bringing all power of 2K display.

As you know 2K and 4K videos are new trend within internet. For bringing such multimedia content to mobile devices both display and processor must be compatible for it. The 2K display along with snapdragon 805 processor help you to enjoy such ultra high definition videos within Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

Other than 2K display Galaxy S5 screen also to be waterproof and dustproof, just like that of Galaxy S4 active. It makes Galaxy S5 to become more outdoor compatibility.

Credit of images : Samsung Mobile, Samsung Analyst Day 2013