229th Anniversary of the first ascent of Mont Blanc Marked with Google Doodle

On 8 August 1786 mountaineer Jacques Balmat and doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard reached top of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Alps. Today, on 229th anniversary of the incident Google is ready with their doodle to mark the event on selected countries. Ascent on 8 August 1786 was the first ascent to Mont Blanc, its regarded as one of the earliest major accomplishment in mountaineering.

Mont Blanc Google Doodle
Mont Blanc Google Doodle(August 8, 2015)

Google logo alphabets are present in background of Mont Blanc image in doodle. As the name suggests “White Mountain” is depicted beautifully in doodle. Shilloute of two mountaineers can be seen at the top of mountain in doodle.

It was after several unsuccessful attempts, first successful ascent to Mont Blanc was accomplished by Balmat and Paccard. Many great Alpinist of the time praised both of them after their successful ascent to Mont Blanc. Reward offered by Swiss Alphine traveller Horace-Bénédict de Saussure who is considered as the founder of Alpinism to the person to first ascent Mont Blanc was received by Balmat. Saussure offered the award 25 years before their accomplishment. For the achievement Balmat was given honorary title le Mont Blanc by King Victor Amadeus III.

Google Doodle for marking the anniversary of  first ascent of Mont Blanc will be present in Google homepage for 24 hours on August 8. Clicking on the doodle, you can get search page for Mont Blanc.